Epoxy Mortar System




A solvent free 4-6mm aggregate filled epoxy


  • Non slip finish
  • Solvent free ; low odour
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Easy to clean & sterilize, low maintenance requirement.
  • Seamless & hygienic finish when sealed, no crevices where dirt and bacteria can dwell.
  • Excellent chemical resistance to sugar & acids when topcoat with suitable epoxy / polyurethane toppings.


  • To provide a heavy duty, chemical resistant and hardwearing floor finish.
  • Areas for use are wet and dry process areas, warehouse, biotech plants, chemical plants, manufacturing areas and car parks.
  • Can be used as a coving material around wall parameter and for patching or filing up above 3mm voids where the floor is subjected to heavy traffic, impact and chemical spills.

Epoxy Mortar System Product
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