Car Park Flooring System



High performance, slip resistant multi-layer system based on solvent free epoxy resin and selected graded aggregate with anti-skid properties designed for vehicular traffic. Applied thickness 1-3mm.


  • Aesthetically attractive

             Wide range of distinctive colours to brighten up dull areas. Thus enhance visual appearance and improve light reflectivity.

  • Chemical resistance

             Provide excellent resistance towards penetrating oil, petrol, engine oil and liquids especially in laboratories, workshop and car parks.

  • Excellent bond strength and abrasion resistance

             Withstand roller wheel traffic which cause great cyclic impact and hard wearing on the floor.

  • Slip resistance

             Safety especially in wet markets, kitchen, cafeterias with oily areas, slippery surface and hard cornering areas.



  • Car park deck, multi storey car park and workshop.
  • Ideal for wet commercial, institutional and industrial application.


Available in standard flooring colours. Other colours can be matched upon request.

Car Park Flooring System Product
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